Our mission statement


Women and access to water in developing countries

Be a focal point of proposals for a better access to the essential services

(Re)sources aims at creating a dialog by organizing regular debates in order to highlight local initiatives and boost solutions actively targeting economic progress and social inclusion.

(Re)sources uses these meetings, to propose solutions in the field of access to essential services - water, sanitation and electricity - for those living in underdeveloped areas - particularly by producing recommendations that are designed to be disseminated  to the water and energy community and international bodies.

The network supports concepts which help to protect human rights and integrates the priorities of urban pressure and climate change in its position. 

(Re)sources seeks to highlight local initiatives in favor of a better access to essential services for the population living in underdeveloped countries . Its ambition is to multiply the experience of feedbacks and the share of good practices to find hands-on-lasting solutions.

To encourage the debate and the renewal of ideas        

The added-value of the network (Re)sources is due to the diversity of its members and contributors.It gathers French and international personalities with varied ideas and commitments, not accustomed to debate in the same enclosure.

Their combined input enriches debates on established point of consensus and can be used to apprehend water and energy problems from several different angles - regulatory, economic, social and even sanitary, however the constant focus is to find hands-on-lasting solutions.

Integrating urban pressure

According to the United Nations, the most significant population increases will affect developing regions, climbing from 5.9 billion in 2013 to 8.2 billion in 2050. This demographic boom, combined with the migration of populations to towns, is exacerbating pressure on resources and making flux management (people, water, energy, transport, waste) increasingly complex. (Re)sources integrates growing urbanisation as an aggravating factor in the access to essential services, in its awareness programmes targeting decision-making audiences. Cities may deploy efficient management and urban planning tools through realistic strategies adapted to local specificities.

Address the uncertainties facing climate change

Climate change strongly compromises the economic development of some regions and increases inequalities in poor cities as regards the access to essential services as they are the least able to adapt. (Re)sources promotes the idea that the climatic risk in cities in developing countries can represent a management and growth opportunity for the urban services available within them. Technological and institutional innovations now provide concrete answers as regards planning, protection equipment and even population warning tools. These condition the resilience of cities faced with climate change. 

Promote the conditions of success of the international community's commitments

The international community’s commitment in favor of the access to water and energy, through the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), has allowed us to define new rights for the populations, essential to the progress of humanity and to the sustainable development of the planet.

Many solutions are being invented on the ground and deserve to be more widely known, recognized and evaluated. It is necessary to understand how the access to water and energy in some countries of the South is concretely set up, to emphasize the real progress and analyze the difficulties encountered.

Its members and contributors seek to lay down the conditions under which the commitments made in 2000 by the international community known as the “Millennium Development Goals” (MDG) - followed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in 2015 - can be successful. This action plan aims to develop far-reaching measures intended to compensate for the gap in terms of human development.

Urban growth in developing countries

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