Net Zero Carbon Cities: An Integrated Approach

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Cities cover 3% of the earth’s land surface yet they create more than 70% of all carbon emissions. To keep global temperature increases to 1.5°C or below, cities have to achieve net-zero. This report provides a global framework and recommends an integrated energy approach, defined as “systemic efficiency”, as a solution to the current environmental, economic, health and social crises. Systemic efficiency encompasses clean electrification, smart digital technology, and efficient buildings and infrastructure, along with a circular economy approach to water, waste and materials. By taking a holistic approach, cities have an opportunity to boost their resilience to withstand a range of potential future climate- and health-related crises.

We welcome stakeholders to join us in this journey. 
To learn more about the Net Zero Carbon Cities program, please see the webpage here

Source : World Economic Forum

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