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About (re)sources

(Re)sources brings together personalities from diverse backgrounds who all share the conviction that access to essential services - water, sanitation, electricity and waste management - is an absolute priority for development and a responsibility of the international community to its populations.

An exchange network created in 2004

The (Re)sources think tank was born out of a symposium organized in 2004 in Libreville (Gabon) on the theme of "The Right to Water and Energy: from Vision to Action", around personalities from the world of business, politics, institutions and ideas. At the end of this meeting, the main speakers decided to extend their reflection on the development of access to water for all, through an informal network.

As a stakeholder in public debate, (Re)sources organises several meetings throughout the year, in the form of colloquiums, conference-debates or side-events on the fringes of major international conferences. Since the appearance of COVID-19 in March 2020, (Re)sources continues to intervene on public debates with digital tools. »

(Re)sources now brings together more than 30 members: academics, politicians, humanitarian professionals, economic and social development activists, professionals from industry and service companies, and members of international institutions.